Considering the frequent use of such tools for cleaning surfaces like glass, ceramics, and stone, it was necessary to invent a tool that has a high resistance in addition to accelerate the work, so that the user work more confidently.
The following items are among the most important and fundamental features that distinguish this tool from other cleaning tools:
1. It has a very strong handle of high quality materials that can be used by any user regardless of age or gender.
2. Possibility to use at all surfaces and at all angles
3. Replacing the blade for reuse without the need for repurchase the tool
4. Several holes in the handle for air transfer and lack of slipping in the user’s hands and reliable to use the tool in surfaces that have strong adhesions such as bitumen and glue.
In order to replace the blade, there is no need to completely open the screws on the handle and just loosen the screws so that you can only remove the blade and replace the new blade and retighten the screws after properly applying the blade and continue to work confidently. Keep on.
First check the tool and the angle of blade on the smooth surface before you start the work to make sure of its proper functioning.