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Manufacturer of building painting tools

The products available in the domestic market are more than the tools that are imported from China and Southeast Asia, which in addition to the outflow of currency from the country, causes the inactivity of many production workshops and the country’s industrial decline and also the destruction of the youth employment market. Our country has become.
Therefore, Rover Industrial Production Complex pursues its 3 main goals, namely:

1. Entrepreneurship and job creation
2. Improving the quality and credibility of more Iranian products than imported products in the domestic market
3. Export and non-departure of currency from the country
It started to operate. Hoping to believe in Iran and Iranians and to instill this in its other competitors in foreign markets.

3 important problems in the products available in the market
A: Loosening and separation of the spring handle due to connection and sewing by nails or rivets
B: Fracture and cracking of the handle due to throwing from a height due to the full use of wood or plastic in the handle
A: Slippery and slippery plastic handle due to sweaty hands of dear painters and users while working
Therefore, Rover overcame these disadvantages with the collective consensus of experienced and interior designers in this field, as well as entrepreneurship and job creation for a number of young people in the country.
Combining wood and materials and pressing and sewing the spring to the handle by injection will cause firmness and non-separation of the handle from the spring and also no breakage of the handle. Prevents.

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